Our Process

Synlogic combines expertise in molecular biology, microbial engineering and physiology with innovative tools and components, including our proprietary library of synthetic biology components, state-of-the-art metabolic gene circuitry and regulatory genetic switches, to design Synthetic Biotics.


Assess the problem

We dive deep into the science to understand the underlying mechanism or metabolic dysfunction causing the disease and develop ideas to correct these problems.

  • Target identification and validation
  • Predictive modeling
  • Bioinformatics


Design solutions

Using techniques adopted from molecular biology, we assemble and test biotic prototypes to carry out a function that will help treat the disease.

  • Cutting-edge DNA assembly to target candidate pathways
  • Mathematical models to predict pathway efficiency
  • Proprietary switches and parts to permit control and tuning of engineered circuits
  • Selection of an optimal microbial “chassis” or foundational microbe for our therapeutic


Build the Synthetic Biotic

Once we’ve fine-tuned the parts needed for the Synthetic Biotic medicine, we insert them into the genome of the microbe.

  • Proprietary integration systems to direct stable insertion of genetic circuits into the chassis
  • Unique functional assays
  • In-house process development research and optimization


Administer to the patient

Many of our Synthetic Biotics are designed to be given orally to ensure they achieve the necessary biological activity at the site where it’s needed without persisting or accumulating in the body. We are also designing injectable medicines for cancer which work to activate an immune response to kill cancer cells, potentially improving the effectiveness of other immunomodulatory treatments.

  • Biomarkers
  • Expert microbiome network and bioinformatics tools to expand our understanding the disease and predict response