Proprietary Platform Components

Synlogic has built a unique discovery platform designed to treat disease by engineering new metabolic function into microbes of the natural microbiome.

At each step in the process of creating a Synthetic BioticTM medicine, Synlogic brings together its unique know-how with proprietary synthetic biology components that form the basis of our platform. In addition to a library of exclusive synthetic biology components, our industry-leading platform blends expertise in microbial engineering and physiology, state-of-the-art metabolic gene circuitry and design of regulatory genetic switches.

We own or have exclusively licensed over 30 patent families covering all major aspects of our Synthetic Biotic platform, including composition of matter, method of use, manufacturing process, our synthetic biology components and product-specific engineered pathways.

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Define tools

  • Knowledge of microbial physiology and disease biology to permit identification of diverse candidate pathways for metabolic conversions
  • Prospective tools for determining performance targets of synthetic biotics to impact disease
  • Deep bioinformatic capabilities that prioritize candidate pathways for testing

Design tools

  • Cutting-edge DNA assembly to enable combinatorial testing of candidate pathways
  • Mathematical models to predict pathway efficiency
  • Proprietary switches and parts to permit control and tuning of engineered circuits. These include genetic toggle switches, multi-layered regulatory switches, cis/trans riboregulators, biological analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converter switches, and novel circuits for biosafety.

Build tools

  • Proprietary integration systems to direct stable insertion of genetic circuits into optimal chromosomal locations for efficient expression and to allow multiple genetic circuits to be inserted into the same Synthetic Biotic medicine
  • Unique functional assays to assess the fidelity and activity of the genetic circuit to permit rapid design-make-test cycling
  • Selection of optimal microbial “chassis” from a growing collection of probiotic bacterial strain options for the Synthetic Biotic medicines targeting a specific disease
  • Extensive experience in developing and refining animal disease models to support prudent, high quality testing of Synthetic Biotic medicines
  • In-house process development research and optimization to enable rapid and seamless transition of development candidates to pre-clinical progression

Assimilate tools

  • Chromosomal markers to enable monitoring of Synthetic Biotic medicine pharmacokinetics in animal models
  • Expert microbiome network and bioinformatics tools to expand our understanding of how specific disease states affect GI microbial flora and to predict the behavior of Synthetic Biotic medicines in that environment