Precision Programming Synthetic BioticTM Medicines

Based on its size, organization and specialized functions, the microbiome is now widely considered a distinct organ – one that carries out activities essential to our well-being. Synlogic’s therapeutic approach is to augment the innate activities of the microbiome with programmed metabolic capabilities to drive therapeutic effects. We take advantage of the systemic effects seen with the activity of commensal microbiota, delivering our Synthetic Biotic medicines orally to act from the gut resulting in an effect throughout the body. Using our Synthetic Biotic medicines we help correct metabolic dysregulation in certain diseases and synthesize substances that treat disease in others.

Synlogic achieves the therapeutic programming of Synthetic Biotic medicines by engineering a probiotic bacteria to carry specialized assemblies of DNA called genetic circuits. These genetic circuits allow the Synthetic Biotic medicines to sense a patient’s internal environment and respond by turning an engineered metabolic pathway on or off. When turned on, the Synthetic Biotic medicine completes all of the necessary, programmed steps in order to achieve therapeutic effect.