Creating a Synthetic BioticTM  Medicine

Synthetic Biotic medicines are designed to correct dysregulated metabolic functions or synthesize substances that treat disease.

Our scientists engineer Synthetic Biotic medicines from beneficial, probiotic bacteria. Our lead drug products are designed using E. coli Nissle as our chassis, which is a safe and widely-used probiotic bacteria.

Designing of Synthetic Biotic medicines include the following steps:

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  • Define the problem. We first understand the metabolic dysregulation that causes disease and develop ideas to achieve a metabolic transformation to correct the dysfunction.
  • Design potential solutions. We assemble and test prototype genetic circuits to carry out the metabolic transformation.
  • Build a synthetic biotic. We bring together the optimized genetic circuits and insert them into the genome of the microbe (chassis).
  • Assimilate into the microbiome. We design our Synthetic Biotic medicines as oral treatments to provide the necessary biologic activity without persisting or accumulating. Synthetic Biotic medicines are designed to blend with the existing microbiome and account for a small fraction of the microbial population if taken on a regular basis.

Once assimilated into the microbiome, our synthetic biotics perform metabolic functions that normally reside in somatic organs of the body.   In this way, we shift metabolic activities from a diseased organ to a stable fraction of the microbiome to address disease.