Life Reimagined

Every living thing is artfully designed, from plants and animals to humans. Our cells are made up of intricate genetic systems and circuits that drive key functions in our bodies to maintain homeostasis or balance.

Synthetic biology is a reimagining tool, allowing scientists to apply insights from nature to understand and design new biological systems, genetic circuits and molecular components to improve the world around us—from innovations in agriculture, to new energy sources, and now, new medicines with the potential to restore human health.

“Synlogic has quickly become the leader in applying synthetic biology to therapeutic discovery and the development of new medicines. Synthetic biology is an exciting, emerging field that enables us to leverage new tools and biological understanding to design smart living medicines.”— Jim Collins, PhD, Scientific Founder and Termeer Professor of Biological Engineering at MIT 

Creating New Possibilities

Synlogic’s founders identified a point of convergence. Advances in technology and new insights into disease pathology would enable the application of synthetic biology to medicine. A new era of science and medicine has been made possible by our ability to write and read DNA, as well as an understanding of disease targets and how the human body fights disease. We can now thoughtfully and intentionally design novel biotherapeutics to treat disease like never before.

Synlogic is at the forefront of the application of synthetic biology to medicine, leading the design and development of breakthrough therapeutics for patients. Since the company was founded in 2014, we’ve advanced two programs into the clinic and are rapidly expanding our pipeline to design and manufacture Synthetic Biotic medicines to potentially treat a range of diseases. Learn more about the history of synthetic biology.