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Strong collaborations and complementary partnerships enhance our ability to design, develop and commercialize drug candidates that address patient needs. Our current partnerships are listed below. We are interested in discussing opportunities to advance the development of new therapeutics that leverage our synthetic biology leadership, including partners with expertise in territories outside the US. If you are interested in discussing a potential partnership with Synlogic, please contact bd@synlogictx.com.

Our current collaborations and partnerships:

Synlogic and Ginkgo established a platform collaboration in June 2019 for the accelerated development of Synthetic Biotics. Through this agreement, Synlogic utilizes Ginkgo’s foundry and codebase together with our own expertise in high-throughput organism screening and design in the discovery, translational and clinical development of biotherapeutics generated through Synlogic’s proprietary approach to synthetic biology. Through this collaboration, Synlogic has developed two drug candidates: SYNB1353, designed to consume methionine for the potential treatment of homocystinuria (HCU), and SYNB2081, designed to lower uric acid for the potential treatment of gout. For more information click here.

In June 2021, we began work with Roche on a research collaboration focused on the discovery of a novel Synthetic Biotic for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease, addressing an undisclosed novel target in IBD. For more information click here.

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