Laboratory Manager

Company Overview

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We are pioneers in the development of Synthetic BioticTM medicines, a novel class of LIVING medicines intended to transform the lives of patients with a broad range of diseases ranging from genetic and acquired metabolic diseases to inflammation and cancer.

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  • Products: Rapidly developing and commercializing Synthetic Biotics that transform the LIVES of patients and their families
  • Promise: Building our company to launch multiple novel LIVING medicines – mastering a new frontier in medicine

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Job Description

The laboratory manager is accountable for the successful operations of a busy lab environment, which includes microbiology, pharmacology, process development and analytical teams. This critical position oversees a variety of operational activities required for the efficient and effective operations and maintenance of a well-functioning lab environment. As such, the incumbent plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the Research and Development community is able to operate in a safe and well-supported environment.

The ideal candidate has a can-do attitude and thrives being the go-to person for many issues related to the functioning of the research lab. Accordingly, the successful applicant will have significant experience working in a research lab and still enjoys the feel of the lab environment. Coordinating the work of 1-2 supporting scientists/technicians is also required.


  • Bachelor’s Degree (BS) or greater in a relevant life science discipline
  • At least 5 years experience working in a laboratory environment
  • Familiarity with diverse types of laboratory equipment including molecular biology, bioanalytical and cell biology
  • Excellent organizational skills with an ability to prioritize and drive to results with a high emphasis on quality
  • Supervisory experience and an ability to coordinate the work of support staff
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • A constructive, customer-oriented personality with an ability to give feedback
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • A willingness to roll up sleeves and solve problems directly in a hands-on manner
  • An attitude of using all available work time to help the research organization
  • A mindset of continuous improvement – always seeking more efficient ways to do things


  • Familiarity with IT systems commonly used in a research environment
  • Molecular, microbiological and cell biology skills; pharmacology skills a plus

Duties and Responsibilities

Laboratory Leadership

  • Take overall accountability for all aspects of the successful operations of a busy lab environment, including building out a laboratory management plan, implementing processes to improve efficiency, troubleshooting issues, mediating conflicts as needed, and increasing effectiveness of the lab over time
  • Developing proposals for improvements and taking them to appropriate leaders/leadership teams for review and approval (e.g. CSO/CFO, or Senior Staff)
  • Organize and manage lab space and resources (assigning lab benches, organizing and allocating freezer space)
  • Oversee laboratory capital equipment and budgeting process

Laboratory Management

  • Oversee lab support personnel responsible for preparing reagents and media, cleaning glassware, maintaining common supplies
  • Maintain the laboratory’s biohazard and chemical waste streams
  • Serve as a continuous improvement lead with our electronic lab notebook service provider to communicate requests from the research team and support compliance processes
  • Onboard new colleagues including safety training, electronic lab notebook overview, lab practices orientation
  • Oversee laboratory safety inspections including working with an external safety support provider
  • Oversee routine pipette calibration
  • Coordinate laboratory delivery processes to ensure items are delivered to the correct people and stored at the correct temperature
  • Coordinate shipping and receiving of samples to-and-from Synlogic
  • Oversee organization and cleanliness of the laboratory, suites, and cold room

Operational Management

  • Track and coordinate routine maintenance/certification on critical lab equipment including management of maintenance contracts and scheduling repairs and ensuring staff compliance
  • Monitor gases and liquid nitrogen stocks
  • Communicate key information to scientists such as power outages, repair updates
  • Schedule installation of major laboratory equipment and fixtures
  • Maintenance of laboratory equipment matrix, chemical inventory, and safety data sheets
  • Collaborate with Finance functions on training on requisition systems and purchasing processes and serve as a point of contact for scientists on critical materials ordering issues


To apply for this position please send your resume to:

Synlogic, Inc. is committed to equal employment opportunity. All applicants must have authorization to work in the U.S.