Clinical Trials Underway

Synlogic is currently conducting clinical trials to evaluate the safety and tolerability of our Synthetic Biotic™ medicines to treat phenylketonuria (SYNB1618), and advanced solid tumors and lymphoma (SYNB1891), conditions with unmet medical needs. We are also working to advance new medicines for metabolic diseases and autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.


PKU Trial

SYNB1618 is an orally delivered investigational Synthetic Biotic medicine designed to break down phenylalanine, an amino acid component of dietary protein. People with PKU do not break down phenylalanine efficiently which leads to neurological deficits. Synlogic has demonstrated the safety and tolerability of SYNB1618 and that it can break down phenylalanine in the gut of both healthy volunteers and patients. We have initiated a Phase 2 study in PKU patients called Synpheny-1 (NCT04534842).

For more information about the study and potential participation visit or contact Kendall Davis, Manager of Patient Advocacy and Engagement at PRA Health Sciences. Kendall can be reached at Kendall at PRAHS dot com.


Oncology: Solid Tumors and Lymphoma

Immunotherapies have become the standard of care for many cancers, but more than half of patients fail to respond to treatment. SYNB1891 is an intratumorally delivered investigational living medicine that is designed to activate the immune system. Synlogic has initiated a Phase 1 clinical study of intratumorally administered SYNB1891 in patients with advanced solid tumors and lymphoma. More information can be found at

For Physicians

If you are a physician interested in enrolling your patients or becoming an investigator in a future study, please contact