Clinical Trials Underway

Synlogic is currently conducting clinical trials to evaluate the safety and tolerability of our Synthetic Biotic™ medicines to treat phenylketonuria and hyperammonemia, conditions with unmet medical needs. We are also working to advance new medicines for cancer, metabolic diseases and autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

PKU Trial

SYNB1618 is an orally-delivered investigational living medicine we designed to break down phenylalanine, an amino acid that prevents people with PKU from being able to process dietary protein and can lead to neurological disorders and decline. We are currently conducting a clinical trial of SYNB1618 in people with PKU to demonstrate safety and tolerability and better understand how the medicine behaves in the body.

Hyperammonemia Trial

SYNB1020 was designed to reduce toxic ammonia levels in the blood, which in excess can cause neurological damage and even death. Our medicine consumes ammonia and converts it into a beneficial amino acid called arginine. We are currently conducting a clinical trial in people with elevated blood ammonia levels due to cirrhosis to demonstrate safety and test to whether the medicine may help patients manage their blood ammonia levels.

For Physicians

If you are a physician interested in enrolling your patients or becoming an investigator in a future study, please contact