The employee will report to and work closely with Head of Downstream Development in scientific activities related to development of manufacturing processes for live bacterial products. Such activities will typically include setting up, performing, and documenting scientific experiments and routine performance of established processes. May participate in experimental design, and must have rudimentary understanding of physical, biological, analytical principles of experiments performed and processes tested. This position requires a high level of discipline with regard to following procedures for performing and documenting laboratory work. The employee will participate in ongoing discussions about technical improvements and will be open to discussing and adopting alternative approaches.


Safe, correct setup of scientific and light industrial equipment for handling, processing, and analyzing bacteria in active culture. Associate will be responsible for handling chemicals and biological cultures safely and aseptically, and setting up and operating pumps, centrifuges, filtration devices and similar equipment. Analytical equipment routinely used by the associate may include UV/visible and fluorescence spectrophotometer and plate reader, pH and conductivity meter, gel electrophoresis apparatus, imager, pressure and flow meter, cell counter, and analytical or preparative balance. Associate will frequently make buffers and other solutions, and must do so reliably and with good documentation practices. Other duties as assigned.


Required Qualifications & Experiences: The following qualifications and experiences are required for the position:

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or equivalent in chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering, process engineering, biomedical engineering, biology, microbiology or related field.
  • 2-7 years’ scientific or technical experience in laboratory/development setting
  • On-the-job training for some skills and duties is expected, but overall familiarity and experience with biological or biochemical laboratory operations is paramount; established proficiency in at least some relevant laboratory skills is required.
  • Ability to make solutions from concentration and pH specifications, using dry ingredients or concentrated stock solutions.
  • Mathematical skills for making calculations related to optical density or absorbance and concentration, buffer preparation (composition, pH), and fluid flow (volume/time, shear).

Preferred Qualifications & Experiences: The following qualifications and experiences are preferred:

  • Experience and/or training in GMP, GLP, and/or GDP principles and practices
  • Experience with the following methods and software:
  • Tangential flow filtration
  • Continuous centrifugation
  • Microsoft Excel or similar spreadsheet software
  • Microsoft Word and PowerPoint software, including tables, graphs, and graphics


  • The candidate will at times need to come early and/or stay late when the nature of the work demands; ideally such needs will be planned, but at times may occur with little or no warning.
  • While a high skill level is not required, candidate must be able to speak and write in English to a degree sufficient to convey and understand precise ideas and instructions.
  • Candidate must be able to read and write documents and data electronically and in writing.
  • Physical requirements: Long-term standing or sitting, or frequent movement throughout office and laboratory. Moderate lifting, up to about 80 lbs. Bending to access low cabinets. Reaching to high shelves with or without stepladder. Visual acuity for accurate measurements ≤ 1mm, reading printed page. (Candidates who anticipate difficulty with stated or presumed physical requirements of this position are encouraged to discuss concerns with hiring manager and Synlogic Human Resources, to determine whether appropriate accommodations can be made. Synlogic is committed to fair hiring and employment practices, and when possible will make reasonable adjustments to job requirements and/or work environment to prevent disqualification of a candidate solely on the basis of physical limitation.)


To apply for this position please send your resume to:

Synlogic, Inc. is committed to equal employment opportunity. All applicants must have authorization to work in the U.S.